Learning from #Tolkien on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Would you look at these fine sisters? #threesisters
Morning iced coffee from my favorite coffee shop #redecafe in my favorite little mug :)
Bit by bit the new room is coming together :)
Home finally. My brain feels as fuzzy as this picture. #pdxcarpet
The stuff of dreams
See you again soon #pdx
Saying goodbye to this great city with @tan_gsmith … Luckily I get to call it home and will be back in a week!
@tan_gsmith on the Oregon coast, last time in the Pacific before this boy goes Atlantic.
Best gift! Thanks @christinakokesh! British versions of Harry Potter ❤️
Surprise wave and photo bomber @leeehows. Photo thanks to @anikatodd. ❤️oregon with @tan_gsmith
On the ascent still several thousand feet to go. With dear friends @tan_gsmith @anikatodd @leeehows
Made it to the top of South Sister, 10,358 ft
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